Seven segment wall clocks

When I first saw the Velleman K8009 'Millennium clock' kit in 1999, I knew I had to get one. Took one evening of soldering work and, hey presto, we had a very cool 'public space' clock on our student box wall. Many of my technical minded friends also liked the clock and wanted one. I built another Velleman kit for one friend. But the Velleman clock with discrete LEDs was not as good looking as real 7-segment displays. I decided that I need to create my own clock. Over the years I have done several different versions:

Kello v1. Created 2001. 45 mm super bright red displays. Based on Altera MAX7128 CPLD.
Kello v2. Created 2003. 45 mm dual color displays for hours and minutes, and 38 mm for seconds. Based on Altera MAX7160 CPLD
Kello v3. Created 2013. 58 mm red displays. Battery back-up RTC, IR remote control. Based on PIC18F14K50 microcontroller and SAA1064.

In case you wonder the name 'Kello' it's just clock in Finnish.

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