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DIY Weller driver Gallery

I have received many pictures of  DIY Weller stations from people that have built them. I've gathered them here to give some inspiration, since they show various ingenious ways to make enclosure, stand, etc. If you want yours here, drop me an email. Address is at bottom of the page.

Gerald's dual station

DIY Weller station by Gerald
Weller station by Gerald Molenkamp from Australia. He has done a dual output station, which allows to use the pen and tweezers at the same time. The enclosure is from some old Hewlett-Packard equipment, WMRT holder and handle improvised from random discarded stuff.
DIY Weller station with WMRP
        and WMRT
Another picture of Gerald's station.

Kevin's station

Kevin's DIY
        Weller soldering station
Kevin Aghaei has built the Weller station in the 0905 enclosure with 3D-printed front and rear panels. For more pictures and very nice and detailed build description, see his blog.

Rens's station

Diy Weller WMRT station
Rens PA3AXA and his friends have built many Weller stations. Here is picture of one of his builds. It is using bigger aluminum enclosure with 3D-printed front panel.

Diy Weller WMRT station
Inside view of the station
Portable battery powered Weller soldering station
A portable battery (Li-Ion) powered Weller soldering station
Portable battery powered Weller soldering station
The tip can also be connected directly to the controller

Manuel's ATMEGA Weller station

        Weller soldering station
Manuel Scholtz from Germany has ported my Weller driver from PIC to ATMEGA16! Above is picture of his build. Below are Eagle 9.1 design files, parts list and ATMEGA16 source code available for download. Unfortunately I can't provide support if you decide to build this version.

weller_driver_v12_atmega.zip                               Eagle 9.1 .sch and .brd
part list.xlsx                                                            Part list
Weller_driver_ATMEGA_Firmware_V1_00.zip   Firmware source, Atmel studio project file

Bill's station

DIY Weller soldering station

Bill Watson from United Kingdom was probably one of the first people to send me a picture of weller station build. He has used the 0905 enclosure with milled front panel.

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