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DIY Weller WMRT compatible handle

Here are desoldering tweezers that you can build yourself. They use Weller RTW series tips and can be used with my DIY Weller WMRP and WMRT compatible soldering station. Of course you can also use it with genuine Weller soldering stations which support WMRT, e.g. WD1M, WD2M and WR3M.

DIY Weller WMRT desoldering tweezers

The design consists of 3D printable handle and a PCB. The handle is designed by Rens PA3AXA and the PCB is designed by me. You can download all required files below. I have uploaded the PCB design to PCBWay and you can order bare boards from here. If you haven't yet registered to PCBWay, you can register via this link and get some free initial credit (and also earn me some credit as well).

wmrt_handle_3d.zip              3D-printable handle design STL files
wmrt_handle_drawing.pdf    Circuit diagram, assembly drawing and bill of materials
wmrt_handle_pcb.zip            Schematic and board file, designed with Eagle 5.12
wmrt_handle_gerbers.zip      Gerber files

Weller WMRT DIY handle PCB

The build is quite straightforward. It is important that you first screw the Binder 09-9792-20-05 connector to handle and then solder the PCB to the connector. For getting parts, I have listed TME, Digi-Key and Farnell order codes to the assembly drawing above. Digi-Key doesn't sell the Binder connector, though. The small reed switch is used for standby function, and can be difficult to source. If you don't need automatic setback and standby function, you can omit the reed switch.

Inside of DIY Weller WMRT handle

The picture above shows inside of the handle. The Binder connector is soldered to top side of board, unlike instructed in assembly drawing. It works both ways, because both heater and thermocouple of tips are swapped.

Below are some more pictures of the construction.

      soldering iron construction

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