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DIY Weller WMRP compatible handle and stand

You can build a WMRP compatible handle yourself. Rens PA3AXA has designed a 3D-printable handle and PCB for it. You can buy the PCB from DirtyPCBs using this link. The board needs to be ordered as 0.8 mm thick. The new V2 layout moves the KTY82 cold point compensation PTC closer to 3.5 mm jack for better thermal contact. With this change, the temperature stability is now excellent, and in par with a genuine Weller WMRP handle. Design files available for download below:

Handle.skp.zip Handle mechanical model, designed with SketchUp.
Handle.stl.zip Same file as above, but converted to .stl
Handle_Eagle-V2.zip Circuit diagram, assembly drawing and CAD files, designed with Eagle 6.
handle_bom.txt Part list

Below are pictures from Rens and his build. He has also modeled the front panel so you can print it if you don't have access to milling machine. Get it here.
UPDATE: A new version of the 3D printable front panel, get it here. It includes now standoffs to get the PCB to correct height. It also has room to fit a 2 mm thick display filter. You can get suitable display filters from conrad.nl / conrad.de. Part number is 185230 for red filter and 175264 for green filter. Photo below is version 1 without filter.

Weller station and WMRP handle made by
      Rens Dijkshoorn

WMRP handle PCB with KTY82 sensor and reed

A tip from Rens how to get flexible cable:

"I prepared the cable my self using 4x  1 mm PTFE stranded copper wire into a
number a 8 tube [ 5 mm outer, inside 3 mm, wall 1 ] from


Stand / holder

Remco has designed a holder for the WMRP. The two holes shown in image below are for two big magnets to snap the holder to a metal case. On the other side is alse one hole for a smaller magnet to activate the reed switch.

Weller WMRP stand by Remco
Image below shows bottom view of the holder. You can put 4 big nuts to add weight.
Weller WMRP stand by Remco bottom view

You can download the holder .stl file from here.

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