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Using PICkit2 or PICkit3 UART mode as virtual COM port

The original PICkit2 standalone software featured UART tool, which allows to use PICkit2 as logic level serial port. This feature was absent from original PICkit3 scripting tool. Recently, I have added the UART tool functionality to PICkit3 scripting firmware. It can be used with e.g. PICkitminus software.

The PICkit UART tool has limitation that it can be used only with the PICkit software. The problem has been addressed already before, original idea is by kcsoft. I shamelessly stole his idea and added this functionality to PICkitminus.

First, you need to install software which creates 'virtual null modem cable'. It will basically create two virtual COM ports which are linked together. I have done my tests using com0com. Another possibility is Eterlogic VSPE, but I haven't tried that.

Then you must set up the above software to have at least one virtual port pair. In com0com, you need to check 'use Ports class', so the port names are COMxx and not CNCxx. Other settings can be left to default. See below as example.

com0com setup for 2 bridged virtual COM ports

Then open the software you want to use for communication with your target (e.g. terminal). Open connection to one of the virtual ports.

Connecting Tera Term to com0com virtual COM port

Now, fire up PICkitminus and go to UART tool. Connect to PICkit with desired baud rate as before. Then select the other virtual port and connect. The traffic from PICkit with be forwarded to that COM port. It could probably also be a real COM port instead of virtual, but I haven't tried. Note that the maximum baud rate with PICkit2 is 38400 baud. With PICkit3 and PK2M you can use up to 115200 baud, and if data stream is not continuous, even higher.

Connecting PICkitminus UART tool to com0com virtual COM

kair.us/ projects/ pickitminus/ pickit2 and pickit3 as virtual com port

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