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PICkit2- software

You can use your trusty old PICkit2 with the new Microchip PIC microcontrollers with PICkit2- program. It supports also PICs with SPI-based programming method, e.g. PIC16F15386 family.

Modified and enhanced PICkit2 minus software supports new
          SPI-type PICs


Microchip has obsoleted the PICkit2 programmer over ten years ago. It had very easy to use and reliable stand-alone software, but Microchip stopped it's development already in 2009. Luckily, they released the source code so people can make modifications. Also, dougy83 has created a device file editor which can be used to add support for new parts for the PICkit2 software. Using this editor, people have added support for new microcontroller types. However, recent PIC controllers use SPI-like programming protocol. It isn't possible to support that only by adding new scripts using the device file editor. Either the PICkit2 software or firmware must be modified.

I was recently looking a way to program PIC16F15355 using PICkit2, and came across this post by bequest333. He had modified the PICkit software to support SPI-type programming protocol, and created the required new scripts. I developed his software further, by adding support also PIC18F SPI -type chips. I also fixed the device ID bit order for these families, so now it is possible to use the last publicly available device file from PICKitPlus project. It has support for 970 parts, but I don't know if all of them work with my modified software. All the parts which I have tried, work OK.

I named the software PICkit2minus, or PICkit2- for short. It is based on Microchip's original PICkit2 v2.61 software. I have included the latest publicly available PICKitPlus device file. I have fixed the K83 series PICs which had incorrect configuration mask in the device file. Many thanks for bequest333 for making most of the hard work to support the SPI-type PICs. Thanks also for PICKitPlus team for their hard work on updating the device file.


PICkit2minus_2_61_02.zip    31.5.2021. This package contains PICkit2- application, device file and modified source files.

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